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Nice to meet you! I don’t bite but, my kitten, Leo might.

Born in Mexico, raised in the states  – I would be what you call a DREAMER and I’m proud of it. Even if I wasn’t, my head is still in the clouds just pondering away at all the possible scenarios. I love telling stories through different types of mediums, especially comics. However, as I grew up I realized that it doesn’t quite pay the bill and my receptionist job at that time never really quenched my creative thirst (my coffee cup was filled with doodles). It wasn’t until I volunteered at my local United We Dream organization that I realized I was missing out on an amazing world of design and marketing.

With my love for technology and my student-like mind, I was able to learn the tools needed and landed my first full-time job as a designer for a small marketing team at DHI Telecom Group. From there, I spearheaded various projects from photography to posters, booklets,  websites, videos, product packaging, visuals and mockups for executive presentations and so much more.

Leo, my kitten

Chata, my cute dog