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Ataraxia Studios

branding, business development, project management

Project Scope:

Ataraxia all started with the initiation of a comic, Wolf of Lenningrad, at with Varun as the writer and I as the artist. Inkblazers was a platform in which users could upload their comics and be able to make a living depending on how popular your comic was. However, a few months later, we found out that Inkblazers was going to be shut down.

It was apparent to us that we needed a place to upload our content but needed more control in order to monetize it the way we wanted in order to continue the comic. Thus, Ataraxia Studios was born.

Ataraxia is a Greek philosophical term for a lucid state of robust equanimity that was characterized by ongoing freedom from distress and worry. – Wikipedia

In order to ensure Ataraxia’s success, we needed a solid foundation and a defined vision of Ataraxia. Varun and I spent countless hours learning about the publishing industry, legalities, procedures as well as brainstormed. We finally came up with a mission statement, as soon as we find new members to join in our adventure, we are able to provide direction and outline the expectancies of their role.


Mission Statement:

Ataraxia’s purpose is to inspire creative expression and provide
a platform for creators to make a living doing what they love.

These days, Varun focuses more on the writing and business administration and I focus on creating the strategy, marketing and roll out for Ataraxia. However, when it comes to content curation and providing feedback to stories that are still in the works we both participate during these sessions. Below you can find my powerpoint of how I envision Ataraxia being rolled out. While some information may be outdated – I believe the concept is solid to follow through.

Logo Design:

Below is the design that I have created for Ataraxia Studios. It was well received from Varun and others. The thought behind it was to keep the initial design intact yet still allude to the “reaching your dreams” – hence the shape of the “A”.

Brand Mark


While it was clear to us what our end goal looked like, we needed to establish how we wanted users to interact with our brand and the overall experience. The website and a user’s experience is vital to the success of Ataraxia.

I then proceeded to present my breakdown and strategy behind each decision with Varun as well as have open brainstorm sessions to bounce back ideas. With both of us being on the same page, I then proceeded to work with the web developer on creating our vision into a reality and automating as much possible with the implementation of a CMS (content management system) and dynamic pages.

Thelma and I are both co-founders of Ataraxia Studios. I have been working closely with her since late 2014 to build up Ataraxia Studios from scratch. Thelma brings all of the skills she has learned throughout her work experience to the table. From technical skills, such as graphic design, to administrative skills, such as coordinating tasks amongst members. Therein lies her best ability: applying as much of her knowledge she can from different fields of knowledge and skillsets she is familiar with. 

When it comes to her method of managing Ataraxia’s members, she spends a good amount of time with each person to ensure that they understand their position, and teaches them the skills to be independent from there onwards, so that only minimal micromanaging is required on the long run.

Even though Thelma is able to see the bigger picture and strategize ways to achieve the goals, she also focuses on the smaller details that define a solid foundation. Many times those tedious tasks she took on were out of her own volition, for the sake of improving the company, such as creating white papers, and finding video tutorials for other members of the group. 

Varun Senthil

Co-Founder, Ataraxia Studios