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DHI Employee Badges + Photoshoot

Design, Photography, Photo Editing

Project Scope

With the implementation of clocking devices at DHI Telecom Group, HR needed to distribute employee ID badges. The ID badges were then to be used to clock in and out and allow access to the building. For this project, I worked with HR to define the deliverables and final expectations.

Photoshoot & Editing

Coordinating with HR and the marketing manager,  we set a time and date for a company-wide photoshoot. Due to the low budget, we used a white table top as the background, used natural light and a sun reflector to even out the lighting. I then proceeded to use Lightroom to batch-edit all the photos in the most efficient manner. Some light editing was also done to some portraits as shown on the left. Employees were able to use their photos on their LinkedIn profile as well upon request.

Final Employee ID Badge Design

Simuoustaneaosly, I presented HR with potential designs for the ID badge. The final ID badge design was selected (shown below). I then worked with the printing company to decide on the material, quality, and turnaround.