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IQSTC Branding Guidelines


Project Scope:

With the evergrowing team of designers within the marketing department, it became apparent that the branding needed to be reevaluated and further defined. Each designer brought in their own distinctive styles and while it isn’t to say it is wrong but it simply resulted in inconsistent deliverables for IQSTC. With the help of IQSTC’s liason to kickstart the project, I plunged into creating the guidelines that set the tone for the overall feel and look for IQSTC.


Kickstarting the project

Before even opening InDesign, I needed to get a better understanding of how IQSTC started, their values and how they wanted to be viewed. I kickstarted a meeting with IQSTC’s liason to learn more about the company. Then, we defined who the will be benefiting from the branding guidelines and went over the list of content, crossing out the ones that did not benefit the user.

Once that was settled, I divided up the content and worked with designers and copywriters to execute. Once approved by the director of marketing, I proceeded to present IQSTC’s branding guidelines to the rest of the marketing department and external creative agencies.