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Sapphire Product Launch

Website Design, Packaging Design, Videography & Editing

Project Scope

Sapphire is an international mobile hotspot launched both online and in retail. Throughout the planning, Marketing needed to define its selling points and needed the creative team to create various deliverables: e-commerce website, product packaging design, video (just to name a few).


E-commerce website

Before even working on any design, I needed to gain an understanding who was the customer. It was vital and it determined the voice, tone, and imagery. I worked alongside with the marketing manager to define the users, strategy and the flow for new & returning users. 

Once the overall direction and website architecture was defined, it was time to tackle the website. I broke up the website into various phases and split up the work among the designers. I then presented a hi-fidelity prototype of the website using InVision to the marketing director and manager. With a few tweaks, it was ready to present to the developers and set clear expectations and timeline.

Package Design

The package was redesigned to fit the website’s messaging and the visual images were reselected to best represent the device’s solutions at a quick glance. The copy was also carefully selected and simplified for an easy read and emphasize what the customer will gain using Sapphire’s international hotspot.

Sapphire Video Sizzle Reel

With the launch of the website and product rollout in retail stores, the video was part of the hard launch campaign. It was used to create buzz and awareness of the product’s rollout both in-store in digital kiosks and displays as well as used in social media.

The video was created using a simple lightbox, camera, the product, tripod, and a few accessories to prop the device. I used panning motion shots, then put it all together in post editing using Adobe’s After Effects.

Thelma began at DHI as a Graphic Design intern, and through hard work, and many successful projects rose to her role as DHI’s Creative Services Manager. Thelma has a great eye for design and balance. Her skills apply to a wide range of media including video creation, print materials, POS, packaging, and web design (and truly anything else thrown her way). Thelma spearheaded many improvements for the department including the creation of an organized file sharing system and demonstrated her leadership ability by fully-managing the creation of a full product website. Aside from design alone, Thelma has learned the nuances of the Telecom industry, making her a natural “lead” and final reviewer of DHI’s creative services output. Her proven adaptability, initiative, and work ethic made her the natural choice, even over an outside candidate with more “years” of experience.

As with any successful graphic designer, Thelma is never defensive when her designs have to change, and has endured many “creative directors” giving her over-the-shoulder guidance that would lead many designers to extreme frustration. I’m happy to see Thelma’s hard work paying off, and wish her continued success in the design world.

Blake Pohlman

Marketing Manager, DHI Telecom (Parent company of Sapphire)