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United We Dream Photography

Event Photography

Project Scope:

During my time at United We Dream (UWD), I provided a range of skills from photography, videography, graphic design and strategy for social media and E-blasts. However, my most notable work mostly revolves around photography for events, social media content and the creation of UWD’s photo bank.


I created a mini-seriesĀ of “I want to be a ______.”. I would ask applicants to fill in the blank as to what they wanted to be. This was a powerful message and it aligned with Obama’s mission with DACA and UWD’s overall mission to empower individuals. Many have the impression of immigrants being criminals and I wanted to change that by showing DACA applicants are just like us – hoping to achieve a dream.

Event Photography + Photobank

Below are a few images from the photobank I have created for UWD Houston to use both for internal and external documents and artwork.